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My Style & Approach


My approach to photography

It may come as quite a surprise to most, but I hate being photographed. Unless you're a selfie-taking, TicToker (if that's a thing), the whole act is unnatural. But somehow, you would never be able to tell that this was uncomfortable for me.

It is because I know just how uncomfortable it can be to be in front of a lens that makes me a great photographer when working with others. I capture people in their element. It is in those small moments that we see and get the real person. Not staged, not rehearsed, not stepping into a memorized pose. If that means I have to shake my rump to make you smile, I will do it (sadly, I have).



My first interaction with a camera was working in a photo lab processing film rolls at Walgreens. Honestly, I was always fascinated with the process of turning film into an actual image. When I got my first "real" camera, the world was my oyster. I took photos of everything - grass, mushroom, wood, tree, water, it didn't matter.  I simply loved taking photos.

As I began to work with more people and gaining more traction, I decided to turn my passion into an opportunity to put a smile on other peoples' face. I would love to work with you and put a smile on your face. Let's get started.

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